“The soil, the vine and the climate are one single entity because everything is connected by the energy of the universe” 


The idea of setting up a biodynamic ageing cellar arose out of a desire to take the biodynamic principles which were already being used at Las Encomiendas Winery to the next level.

Based on the philosophy that great wine starts in the vineyard and that the soil, the vine and the climate are one single entity because everything is connected by the energy of the universe, we always take the rhythm of nature into account, looking at the sky and not at the clock. 


Following all the tasks carried out in the vineyards, work continues on our premises, with the aim of producing the highest quality wine.

BIODYNAMICS is the sole raison d’etre of the building. It is shaped like a dodecahedron to represent the 12 months of the year and their corresponding constellations



Night harvesting finally commences after focusing our attention on growing and maintaining healthy vines throughout the whole year. The carefully selected and hand -picked grapes are placed in small 15kg boxes. Our wines are made using the gravity-flow method of winemaking, avoiding the use of pumps.

The grapes drop directly from the sorting table into the fermentation vatMaceration at a very low temperature is carried out before fermentation in order to preserve the delicate varietal aromas which exist in our grapesControlled fermentation takes place at a low temperature to maintain the aromas and the delestage fermentation process is used to extract a deeper colour. 


All great wines start in the vineyard, and our unique red wine  

ENCOMIENDAS del terruño, a wine which speaks of terroiris no exceptionThis natural wine is made following the principles of biodynamic viticulture.

The grapes we use to make this wine are grown in a vineyard which was specifically chosen because of its outstanding orientationgood soil aeration and optimum level of humidityIt is located in an area known as Las Encomiendas and has a total surface area of 3 hectaresThe vines are planted on gently sloping land with an east-west row orientation. 

Tempranillo and Graciano grapevines are grown on trellises, and each row of vines is 3 metres apart with 1.5 metres between the vines in each rowUsing trellises lengthens the ripening period, increases sunlight exposure whilst casting shade on the adjacent rows of vines on hot summer days, and also improves aeration and soil drainage which reduces the risk of vine disease.  



Biodynamic viticulture seeks to achieve natural balance in the vineyard and our daily tasks there are governed by the positions of the planets. 

In order to favour the coexistence of all the living organisms in the vineyard, we do not use chemicals and the vines are treated with biodynamic compost preparations to strengthen them. Organic fertilizers are made by putting manure into cow horns. The horns are then buried below the soil surface for a certain period of time, and then they are dug up, diluted in water and sprayed onto the vineyard soil. Cluster thinning, leaf removal and harvesting are all carried out by hand, and not mechanically, in order to reduce soil compaction which affects the habitat of soil organisms such as earthworms. 


Please contact us if you require any further information about our winery, and we will be happy to assist you.