XENTIA by Juan Carrillo

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Complex, long and intense…


A red wine aged for 14 months
A regional wine from Extremadura
Grape varieties: Graciano and Syrah
Vintage: 2021
How it is made: The grapes, which are harvested at night, are carefully selected in the vineyards and also upon their arrival at the winery. We use the gravity-flow winemaking method to produce this wine. Cold maceration for 10 days, alcoholic fermentation at 15ºC and delestage fermentation to extract a deeper colour.
This red wine is aged for 14 months in new 500 litre French oak barrels (fine grain and medium toast) made of wood from the Allier forest. The lees (sediment) are stirred using the barrel rotation technique.
This wine may contain natural sediment as it is neither filtered nor fined, therefore its sensory characteristics are enhanced.


This red wine is an ideal accompaniment to Iberian meats, all kinds of cured cheeses and goat's cheeses, cured meats, stews and dark chocolate desserts.
Serving temperature: 15- 18ºC


It has violet and mauve shades typical of a young red wine. Its colour intensity adds a touch of seriousness to it, a seriousness which is also characteristic of the manner in which we carry out our business at the winery.
The main aromas which predominate are a mixture of dried fruits and nuts, vanilla, aniseed, tiramisu and mocha, but there are also hints of black plums, blackberries and toasty, balsamic and spicy notes.
You will discover the unique character this wine has when you experience an explosion of fruits and chocolates on the palate

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Grape variety

Tempranillo and Graciano



Food Pairings

Ideal to accompany Iberian meats, all kinds of cured and goat cheeses, sausage, cooked, desserts with dark chocolate …

Service Temperature

15 – 18ºC