Encomiendas… del terruño

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Delicate and the pure essence of terroir...


A red wine aged for 14 months
A regional wine from Extremadura
Grape varieties: Graciano and Syrah
Vintage: 2018
How it is made: the grapes used to make this wine are grown and processed respecting the environment at all times and following the principles of biodynamics. They are harvested at night, and carefully selected in the vineyards and also upon their arrival at the winery. We use the gravity-flow winemaking method to produce this wine, cold maceration, alcoholic fermentation at 15ºC and delestage fermentation to extract a deeper colour.
This red wine is aged in our biodynamic ageing cellar for 14 months, in new 225 litre French oak barrels (fine grain and medium toast) made of wood from the Allier forest.
This wine may contain natural sediment as it is neither filtered nor fined, therefore its sensory characteristics are enhanced.
A deep respect for terroir shines through in this unique wine.


This red wine is an ideal accompaniment to Iberian meats, all kinds of cured cheeses and goat's cheeses, cured meats, stews and dark chocolate desserts.
Serving temperature: 15- 18ºC


Beautiful intense cherry red colour, characteristic of an elegant red wine with a touch of seriousness.
Complex and mature aromas on the nose, At first, you are able to detect aromas of coffee, and when you swirl it in the glass, delicate fruit aromas are unlocked, which is typical of the wines which are aged in our biodynamic cellar. Subtle balsamic notes mirror the terroir. You are able to perceive a perfect balance between ripe red and black fruits, such as cherries, blackberries, plums and cranberries, as well as spicy undertones.
A 'living' wine which is well-balanced and fruity in the mouth. Lingering flavours of chocolate and cinnamon on the finish. This delicate wine with a hint of mineral notes is a pure reflection of its grape varieties, Graciano and Syrah, and its terroir.
This easy-drinking wine, which truly reflects its origin, is ideal for any occasion.

Variedad de uva

Tempranillo y Graciano




Ideal para acompañar carnes ibéricas, todo tipo de quesos curados y de cabra, embutido, cocido, postres con chocolate negro…

Temperatura de servicio

15 – 18ºC